Ghost Story

Plumes of black smoke piled up through the water.  The red glow of the volcano’s magma pierced the darkness. 


Davy could almost remember what intense heat felt like. A rumble and a rush of sulfuric smoke shook him out of this daydream.


He was crouching next to the volcano, hacking away at the rock.  It was hard work and he was bored with the sifting and grading of material. 


He held a lump closer so he could see the dark jagged stone flecked with gold. A rumble and another flow of red hot magma and Davy quickly put the rock in his bag.


No need for anyone else to see this, he thought. He was just in time as Wolfgang appeared from behind a tall stack. 


“What are you doing?” asked the burly man in his ill-fitting uniform. 


“Nothing much”, Davy said nonchalantly. “What about you?” he said. 


“There’s an endless supply of noxious chemicals here”. I’m wondering if I could sell them to the highest bidder”, said Wolfgang.


“How on earth are you going to do that?” said Davy.


“Easy”, Wolfgang replied. “We are in the middle of the Atlantic, five kilometres down, the authorities will never catch me or the passing ships I sell them to”. 


“But it’s illegal”, exclaimed Davy.

Wolfgang laughed. “It never stopped me when I was alive”. 


“You’ll never get away with it”, Davy said, all the time anxious to find out more.   He never thought he would be asking advice from a rogue to right some wrongs.


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