NEWSISSIMO ! with your commentato magnificato GIACOMO Z…..

Brexit Fears

I ave just seen Trees of May on the Sky News tell us all about that Brexit thingy.
Do you know she as the brain that is the planet size?
She is telling the people that she will get the best deal possible for the UK.
AH-HA! …..

So that is all right then. For all these months I ‘ave been laying awake at night thinking – you no what the Trees of May and ‘er dirty gang are gonna be making sure that the UK gets the shittiest deal possible from them EU guys.

Now she tells us that she is on the side of the UK after all. Giacomo can sleep well tonight on the SS UK as it floats off into the Atlantic. All them fisherman Brexiteerers will be ‘appy now that they get more cods and ‘addocks.

I ope that none of em find out I am Italiano, or poor old Giacomo will end up beein’ chucked in the sea.
I donna wanna end up bein batterers, salted and vinegared on a Friday night in Grim as can by.

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