Dinner Time

CHARLOTTE        Tea will be ready in five minutes.  Can you set the table?

JAMIE                   Ok. What do we need?

CHARLOTTE        Er, cutlery?

JAMIE                   I mean, I can smell one of your delicious chilli con carnes but what are we having for pudding?

CHARLOTTE        Ah! It’s lemon sole and salad and fresh fruit with ice cream for pud.  It’s one of your favourites, remember, and in honour of your Sicilian trip.

JAMIE                      Why does it smell like chilli?

CHARLOTTE           What, the ice cream?

JAMIE                      Very funny

CHARLOTTE           The chilli is for tomorrow

JAMIE                      That’s very organised of you. Have you turned into Nigella Lawson whilst I’ve been away?

CHARLOTTE           Your brother and Susan are coming tomorrow.

JAMIE                      Oh!

CHARLOTTE           To look at your photos.

JAMIE                      Ah!

CHARLOTTE           You’ve forgotten, haven’t you.

JAMIE                      I’ve been busy.

CHARLOTTE           Swanning about, more like. You were the one who invited them.

JAMIE                      Are we having anything to drink with this fish?

CHARLOTTE           Yes. Put some glasses out, I’ve got a bottle of Domestos somewhere.

JAMIE                      Haven’t you got anything stronger?

CHARLOTTE           It’s new and improved. I’m sure it will do the trick.

JAMIE                      It would be a pity to kill ourselves just as you’ve gone to all that trouble to make two meals.

CHARLOTTE           Look, if I tell the fish to slow down cooking, do you want to pop down to the shop and get a bottle of white.  I suddenly feel the need.  Here, I’ll write it down for you.

JAMIE                      I’m only going across the road for one thing.

CHARLOTTE           Exactly. Here’s a bag and your pocket money.  Don’t spend the change on sweeties: It’ll spoil your tea.

JAMIE                      Back soon, love you, honey. (FRONT DOOR SHUTS FIRMLY.)

CHARLOTTE           Yeah, whatever.

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