NEWSISSIMO ! with your commentato magnificato GIACOMO Z…..

Il Mio Amico

Il mio amico!!!

E is gonna be great ! That – ow you call im – Donny the Strumpet – e oo wun that USA thingy on the telly last year.


E is makin friends with the Russians and the Chinese – IF THEY DO AS E SEZ.

My sort of guy!

E will stamp is foot and thump is shoe on the table so that they will ave to do what e wants.

.If that don’t work e will old is breff till e goes more redder.

.If that don’t work e can also you know use is tufty blonde air as a weapon of mass destruction. (There is a cruise missile idden where is brain used to be).

Any ow – lets ope that the world will follow im and crush all them black beetles that are crawling all over out of that Middle East place.

I don’t wanna im to tell me ‘Your’e Fired! ‘ so if you fink like me – just play Follow My Leader and be a appy little Strumpette.

Finalmente – I just saw this old picture in my grandad’s scrapbook. I like the look of im and want to share it wiv my readers…….




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