NEWSISSIMO ! with your commentato magnificato GIACOMO Z…..

Man Eating Pie

You must all no ow I am luvin the gambles.


Fank you to me great pal Wave to the Shore. On the telly the uvver nite. Ee ad is pie right  wen e was sopposed to.


Grate to see is big porky fingers pushin a fat pie into is bloated reserve goalie face.


You know that some people in this grate British UK they canna take a jokey. This goalie blokey as lost is place for EETIN A PIE !


Anyow I av got to make some bettin winnins for my own mafia nonni now. They av bet that I can print a storey about the man-eetin pie.


This really appened in the Cremona against Crotone game wen a giant pie munched on the big porky goaley fella.


 In Italia we ave a sayin  SONO NEI PASTICCI …..which means I am ‘IN THE PIES’ or




My pal Wave to the Shore. Ee is NEI PASTICCI for shore but look on the Brighton side.


I av saved my skinny neck and made my promise to my mafia compadres.  








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