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Observations on the  Wonky Tower at Pisa, Italy

Today I visited a place called Pisa in Italy and came across an extraordinary phenomenon.

It seems that there is a tower there that has been somewhat less than perpendicular for quite a long period, and I amused myself for a goodly time in observation of the goings-on at that place.

The local custom, I was told, was for visitors to attempt to rectify (to 90 degrees) the slow falling of the edifice using various techniques.

Dear Reader, here are some of my a-musings that you may also find tickling your humerus:

The Oriental Poke was wide of the mark…….

oriental poke

Sympathetic Magic was tried by the Young Psychokinetic Dance Troupe


This young lady, named Gentle Pat, had a degree of success…

 gentle pat

lady pat

But they needed to bring in

Lady Pat the Elder, with her lovely assistant to bolster ‘Team Pat’

A mechanical aid was tried by this enterprising Australian lady (sadly she incorrectly applied the southern hemisphere method)


A local country gentleman tried horse power, but to no avail


Young children were now adopting

The Immovable Tower

as the hairstyle of the day


The shananigans were good fun, but the local militia were deployed to dampen down the excessive hysteria


It was time for divine help – the puttis were called for, but were much  too …..playful


The Serious Angel tried from above, but …

Oh My God !!  the downfall was truly shattering

 serious angel

That stubborn stump refused to straighten


Finally – a particularly handsome – and strong – lifting device was employed


The whole thing was moved to Rome – where – and who would credit it  – the contractors were not told to place it on the perpendicular so the silly blighters have ended up with the same angle of inexactitude!!!



What a splendid day that was.

For my Barmy Musings

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