NEWSISSIMO ! with your commentato magnificato GIACOMO Z…..

Wage Cap

Hey my comrades – I am being told that Jerry Bin Corby has taken over the ‘at of Vladimir Illyich (Lenin)

Corbyn Wage Cap cut  lenin_kasketli.jpg

Not only ‘as he got that ‘at, that but e is as well gonna get caps for all of us in the same identity.


When Bin Corby gets into numero dieci on Jezza Day, all of us brothers and sisters can wear the same cap and ‘av the same wages.

E is also working on a grey suit idea…… Made in China, you’ll be able to queue up for a cupple ov days and buy em cheap in Primarks.
Ear it is modelled by Cheery Man Mayo….


To be onest – I never did like avin to choose to what to wear.

As Signora Z will say … ‘My darling, All that fashion stuff is so passe, so pre-Jezza’
I am now finkin about reincarnation and ironic socialismus as my new belief system

I av seen the Future, and it’s SIMPLE –

SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST….(yoo shud be singin this..)

Oy Oy Oy.

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